the John F. Folinsbee Art Trust

The John F. Folinsbee Art Trust was established in 1984 by Folinsbee's widow, Ruth Baldwin Folinsbee, and is currently administered by members of the family who have been designated its Trustees. The John F. Folinsbee Art Trust is dedicated to preserving the artistic legacy of painter John F. Folinsbee, and to promoting scholarly examination of his work, and to administer projects, such as the Catalogue Raisonné, exhibitions, and publications associated with John F. Folinsbee.


Peter B. Cook
John F. Cook
Joan Wiggins Hooker
Michael W. Wiggins

Catalogue Raisonné Staff:

 Nikki Hayes, Catalogue Manager

Nikki Hayes has worked for the John F. Folinsbee Art Trust and the Catalogue Raisonné for many years. She worked with Kirsten M. Jensen and the Folinsbee Art Trust as the Research Assistant for the Catalogue and is now the Catalogue Manager. She has worked in art galleries in New York City, as well as working for many arts organizations and museums in Western Massachusetts.

Kirsten M. Jensen, Former, Founding Director, Emeritus

Kirsten M. Jensen was the Forming and Founding Director of the Catalogue Raisonné. She has a Ph.D. in art history from the Graduate Center, City University of New York, and a Master's degree in American History. She was the Senior Curator of Exhibitions at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, PA. She continues to be an active advisory member of the Catalogue and is currently working on numerous scholarly and literary writing pursuits.



Through connoisseurship and technical examination, the John Folinsbee Art Trust hopes to assist the public in the confirmation of correct attribution and provenance of the artist’s extensive oeuvre. Owners of works (paintings, drawings, watercolors, but not prints or other multiples) whose authorship may be in doubt may contact the Manager of the Catalogue Raisonné to learn of the formal process and procedures. The Trustees meet at least twice annually to make decisions concerning authentication.

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Rights & Reproductions

The John F. Folinsbee Trust seeks to find a balance between historically appropriate uses of Folinsbee’s artistic imagery and the communication of his legacy to increasingly broad audiences through new technologies such as the Internet. The John F. Folinsbee Art Trust retains the sole copyright to all works of art by John F. Folinsbee. All rights are expressly reserved. Owners and other interested parties must contact the Trust to obtain prior written permission to copy or reproduce any of the works in any form. All approved copies and reproductions must bear the copyright credit “© John F. Folinsbee Art Trust.” Caption information is obligatory, and correct citations must be secured prior to publication. Additional reproduction policies and procedures may apply and will be communicated by the Trust. Formal application to the Trust for permission for any reproduction, illustration, or other use must be made in writing, well in advance of the planned date for the publication or use.

Other Materials

The John F. Folinsbee Art Trust retains the sole copyright to the design, layout and all written and photographic content of this website other than materials quoted or reproduced herein with attribution to or permission from other sources. Written permission to use any information or images contained in this website or the Catalogue Raisonné must be obtained prior to publication in any form.

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